Curtiss SB@C-1 Helldiver 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit ARII 23036-200

Curtiss SB@C-1 Helldiver 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit ARII 23036-200


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"The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver was a carrier-based dive bomber aircraft produced for the United States Navy during World War II. It supplemented the Douglas SBD Dauntless in US Navy service. The SB2C was much faster than the SBD it replaced. .

Poor handling of the aircraft was another factor that hampered its service introductions; both the British Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force cancelled substantial orders
Crew nicknames for the aircraft included the Big-Tailed Beast or just the derogatory Beast,  and Son-of-a-Bitch 2nd Class] Neither pilots nor aircraft carrier captains seemed to like it.
The Truman Committee investigated Helldiver production and turned in a scathing report, which eventually led to the beginning of the end for Curtiss. Problems with the Helldiver were eventually ironed out, and in spite of its early problems, the aircraft was flown through the last two years of the Pacific War with a fine combat record.
Nonetheless, the type became the main USN fleet divebomber by late 1944 and provided the carrier dive and attack squadron complements of numerous fleet carriers and light carriers.

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