HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier 1/600 Scale

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This is a consignment kit. All consignment kits supplied from Hobbies and Beyond have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are 100% complete, everything in this original kit issues still in the box. We do not grade the boxes for the collector.We welcome any comments and questions you may have.

This is a vintage Airfix kit of the Aircraft Carrier HNS Ark Royal. Kit was first released in 1966 and is to 1/600 scale. The original HMS Ark Royal was the second purpose built aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy. The ship was commissioned in 1938.  HMS Ark Royal served from the beginning of the war anywhere the Royal Navy was engaged in battle. The most famous action was the hunt for the Bismark in which the Swordfish torpedo bombers cripples the German ship and it was eventually sunk by surface vessels of the Royal Navy. After escorting a Malta bound convoy, HMS Ark Royal was Torpedoed and sunk by a German U-Boat in November 1941, This previously owned kit has been carefully examined ti ensure it is complete and unstarted.

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