All Scale Snap Relay

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This Snap Relay is a very useful Track Arrangement Designed by Atlas Model Railroad.

A double-pole, double-throw electrical switch actuated by a remotely controllable twin-coil, momentary power electromagnet.

It can do all sorts of useful jobs on your layout, some of which are:

  • Power the frogs on Mark 2 Turnouts to eliminate the short "dead- spot" and prevent stalling of short-wheel-based locos.
  • Power trackside signal lamps to show switch point settings.
  • Feed control panel lamps to show points setting of remotely located turnouts.
  • Selective power control for dead-end sidings with all Atlas turnouts: Mark 2, Custom-Line, or Snap-Switches.
  • Control X-sections automatically
  • It can be installed wherever convenient.
  • Four rail joiners are provided.
  • Detailed instructions with schematic display of snap-relay.

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