Bloc Aquarelle Watercolor Block

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L´Aquarelle Canson Héritage is the heir of nearly half a millennium of papermaking expertise brought together with the latest technological innovations to offer artists a premium paper that understands their needs. It is a 100% cotton paper produced on a cylinder-mould machine using traditional composition and manufacturing process. This makes the paper robust and absorbent with a look, feel and a texture reminiscences of the finest handmade papers. Its innovative design ensures uniform washes (withou pigment accumulation), true-to-live vibrant colours and incredibly crisp rendering. It is easy to apply correction and lift-off colours on Canson Héritage whether the paper is wet or dry and the working time is optimised; the paper will remain wet for a long enough time allowing the artists to paint serenely with no rush.

- Pad glued on short side
- 12 sheets
- 100% cotton
- Cold pressed 300g

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