#24 Deburring Knife Blade Excel 20024

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xcel Blades - #24 Deburring Replacement Blade
Made from carbon steel
Available in packs of 5, 100, 1000
Deburring Blade has a 3/4 -inch angled edge that is sharper than your average blade
This versatile replacement blade fits with all medium duty xacto style knives.
Used with: deburring, cutting, shaping and stripping paper, card-stock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, cloth, wax, leather, gaskets, linoleum, cardboard, foam boards and most other medium to heavy duty crafting material
Fits with: K2, K5 & K6 Handles
L – 1.550/ H – 0.450 / E - 0.790/ S – 0.350/ T – 0.025

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