Hawker Hurricane Mk l1 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Kobby Boss 80215

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Widely regarded as the saviour of Greta Britain during the Battle Of Britain, The Hawker Hurricane went on to fight in every Theater of operation including the Battle of the Atlantic as a catapult fighter shot from the bows of merchant ships to combat the Focke Wulf FW200Condor.

Conceived in the mid 30s to answer ther need for a modern monoplane fighter, the Hurricane proved to be fast and maneuverable. It was easier to build than the Spitfire, its stablemate,the Hurricane was available in greater numbers than the Spitfire and bore the brunt of the fighting in the early war years.

Due in part to the tough construction the Hurricane became the first of the ground attack aircraft in the British Arsenal, being equipped with two 40mm cannons and later with rocket projectiles that soon became the scourge of the battlefield.

The Hurricane was produced in Canada and Belgium.

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