Yupo Transulent Paper

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 Yupo Paper-Transulent Sheets: 104lb. Do it on Yupo- a different way to watercolor! This pad contains ten 12x9 inch smooth 104lb sheets made of 100% polypropylene. Acid free. Made in USA.  

How to paint on Yupo paper

Step 1: Dip a paintbrush in rubbing alcohol and wet areas of the paper leaving some areas dry.


Step 2: Drop the alcohol-based ink onto your paper and tilt it to make it spread and react with the rubbing alcohol.


Step 3: Alternate between applying rubbing alcohol with an eyedropper (or brush) and ink to your paper, pushing it around the page by either blowing on it through a straw or using a hairdryer on the cool setting. Push the ink around the page to create unique compositions and layering.


Step 4: After this base layer is dry, create floral motifs by adding other colours of alcohol-based ink to your painting using the same method.

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