Dutch Blitz Expansion Pack

Dutch Blitz Expansion Pack

Dutch Blitz Games Company

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Make the Vonderful Goot Classic Green game even better with the Dutch Blitz Blue Expansion Pack. You can play this game just like the Classic Green game with up to 4 players or combine the two packs so you can play with up to 5, 6, 7 or even 8 players. The fast-paced card game is easy to learn and fun to play with a large group.

The Dutch Blitz expansion pack is different because it reinvents the Classic Green boxed game that you already know and love. It takes the original colors of the four decks' design, including carriage, bucket, pump and plow, and switches them to facilitate more players. The simple concept of the Dutch Blitz game pack allows you to bring more players into the game for even more fun. Get your family and friends together for a fun family game night and use this so more can play. Take the original and the Dutch Blitz Blue Expansion Pack along with you on family vacations for a rainy day activity, for your evenings or just use it for game night at home.