Streamline HO/OO Medium Radius 3 Way Turnout

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A great space saver, gives a choice of three directions in a length of only 220mm enabling you to have the maximum number of tracks in the minimum of space.
Angles 12 degrees, length 220mm.
Most Streamline turnouts (points) are available with ‘dead’ frogs – Insulfrog or ‘live’ frogs – Electrofrog. For a description of the two types and wiring instructions, see our ‘How To’ page here.
Streamline Code 100 compatible with Setrack Code 100 track
For joining, use SL-10 or PL-80 pre-wired metal rail joiners to electrically join or SL-11 nylon rail joiners where an electrical break is required.
Can be joined to Code 75 finescale track by using either SL-112 dual standard rail joiners or SL-113 transition track.
Fitted with an over centre spring for immediate hand control it automatically isolates the track not in use.
For remote control on permanent layouts, a point motor such as Peco PL-10 or Seep PM-2 can be fitted.
Can be fixed with SL-14 track pins.
To assist in layout planning, full size turnout plans are available to download from the Peco website.

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