X-21 Flat Base

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TAMIYA FLAT BASE X-21 is ideal for creating a flat finish in your paint. Gloss paint can be toned down in specularity (shine created by reflected light) by varying degrees with the amount of Flat Base added. Conversely for aircraft, armoured fighting vehicles, a completely matt finish can be produced.

When used on armour flat horizontal surfaces can have a duller appearance then upright angled or vertical surfaces. Adding the desired amount of TAMIYA FLAT BASE X-21, drop by drop to your airbrush paint cup and thoroughly mixing it into the remaining colour mechanically:  with a stir stick (wood is best to avoid scratching the paint cup interior surface) or bubbling (blocking the nozzle and forcing air back up into the paint cup cavity to agitate and mix the contents) then apply to horizontal surfaces for a finish misting coat to 'blend' colours.

Ideal for for fabric on scale figures, worn leather jackets, boots, and coarse fabric belts, back packs, webbed belting, sleeping and canvas covers or tarps.

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