Blackburn Ripon/Baffin Bomber 1/72 Scale Vacuform Plastic Model Kit Contrail

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The Blackburn T.5 Ripon was a carrier-based torpedo bomber and reconnaissance biplane designed and produced by the British aircraft manufacturer Blackburn Aircraft. It was the basis for both the license-produced Mitsubishi B2M and the improved Blackburn Baffin.
The Ripon was designed as a successor to the Blackburn Dart torpedo bomber as well as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft to fulfil Air Ministry Specification 21/23. The first prototype made its maiden flight on 17 April 1926, it was subsequently redesigned with a more effective engine installation, an enlarged rudder and increased wing sweepback. It was originally ordered into production for the Fleet Air Arm (FAA), which primarily operated the type as a torpedo bomber.
The Ripon was operated by the FAA between 1930 and 1935, after which point it was withdrawn in favour of the Blackburn Baffin, which was an improved derivative of the Ripon. It was also produced overseas in Finland; many of the Ripons in service with the Finnish Air Force saw extensive use in both the Winter War and the Continuation War, typically flying nighttime reconnaissance missions.

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