Bristol Blenheim MKlVF 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit

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The aircraft that Lord Rothermere commissioned the Bristol Aircraft first flew, it was almost 100MPH faster than the RAF fighters then on service. The British Air Ministry recognized that they must act and the Bristol works were told to militarize the design. Thus the Bristol Blenheim was born. Ordered off the drawing board in 1935 the Bristol Blenheim quickly came to represent British leadership in the air.

However by the eve of the Second World War the Bristol Blenheim had been overtaken by the rapid pace of fighter development, and was now a target for the enemy`s front line fighters.

Never the less, e Blenheim soldiered on in all the major battles zones, until replaced with more modern designs in 1943. The Basic Blenheim went thru three major designs and the Blenheim MKlV was the second. Although originally designed as a light bomber the Blenheim was also used as a fighter and a radar equipped night fighter,where it proved that radar intercepts at night were possible. Thus the great ability of the British air defence were able ti inflict punishing losses on any enemy aircraft that tried to attack Britain after the winter of 1940.

The Blenheim was also built in Canada ad the Bolingbroke Mk lV and served as a training aircraft in the BCATP. As a side note, the only flying Blenheim is a Canadian built Bolingbroke that was sent to Britain to be rebuilt after they crashed their other flying example. The Canadian Warplane Heritage in Hamilton Ontario Canada is working on restoring a Bolingbroke to flying status, so there will be two examples of this Mainstay of the RAF during the first part of the war.

Airfix have produced this kit with all new tooling giving the modeller the best most accurate example of the Bristol Blenheim in 1/72 Scalescale Two marking schemes are provided in the box including on for an aircraft of RAF Coastal Command

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