Dornier Do17Z Medium Bomber 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit

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Originally touted as a fast passenger/mail-plane for the then Clandestine Luftwaffe ( German Airforce). The Dornier Do17 was soon revealed for its true intent as a modern medium bomber. The Dornier Do17 was joined by the Heinkel He 111 to fulfill the bombing function of the Luftwaffe.

A large number of variants were produced until the Dornier Do17Z was developed to meet the needs of the German armed forces on the eve of WW2. Nicknamed the "Flying Pencil" because of its slim fuselage profile, the Dornier Do17Z became one of the principal medium bombers of the Luftwaffe in the early years of the war.

The redesigned crew compartment and radial engines were meant to improve its survivability in combat. During the Blitzkrieg thru Poland and France it worked, however, this changed dramatically when faced with determined Fighter opposition; its small crew area and lack of power operated turrets making it easy prey for Allied fighters. Of all the German medium bombers used in the Battle of Britain, the Dornier was the slowest and therefore most vulnerable and the battle proved to be the aircraft's swansong over Western Europe. The aircraft saw only limited use in the later theatres of the war, before being phased out altogether by mid-1942.

The NEW TOOL Airfix kit of the Dornier Do17Z is complete with a detailed interior of all crew areas, the bomb bay and landing gear bays. Two well detailed engines allow you to build a stunning replica of this seminal German bomber. The kit comes with two marking schemes.

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