Mig 29A Fulcrum 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit

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With the United States taking a quantum leao forward in Fighter performance witj tjeit F-15 Eagle and and F-16 Viper, The USSR was forced to respond. Their answer was the superb Mig 296 Fulcrum ( NATO Code Name) . Combining the speed and maneuverability of its competition, the Mig 29 brought he USSR back into the game. Further development of the basic airframe resulted in the Mig29A, that for a time gave the USSR the upper hand in terms of fighter jets.

Although originally not supplied to the Warsaw Pact countries, the Mig 29 eventually equipped all of the countries in the Iron Curtain and a number of non aligned Nations were allowed to purchase the Mig 29.

With the ending of the Cold War the Fulcrum is still in Squadron service with a number of countries, but most have been retired from countries that no longer belong to the former Soviet Bloc

The Mig 29 has been seen as a performer at many airshows across Europe and Thrills the crowds with its exhibition of power and control

Airfix has captured the look of this Iconic Soviet era design that still meets the needs of its original owners. The kit comes complete with markings for two separate aircraft and there are lots of aftermarket decals available for this aircraft

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