Pontoon Bridge 1/76 Diorama Model Kit

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A modification of the 'Bailey Bridge" pontoon bridges were used to bridge rivers and streams for the purpose of allowing mechanized units to continue the advance. The Army engineer units would construct these pontoon  bridges from prefabricated sections and set them on boats (pontoons) anchored to the river sides and bottom. Thus the army was able to cross these natural defensive barriers quickly and easily with maximum speed. After they were across then the ground forces could exploit the bridgehead without waiting to ferry supplies across to enable the spearhead to continue.

Airfix released this kit to complement their 1/76 scale vehicles,to allow the modeller to construct a diorama demonstrating the planning that went into the invasion of Europe. The Pontoon bridges were essential in order to keep up relentless pressure on the German forces once a breakout in Normandy was achieved. 5 pontoons and 5 segments os the bridge structure are included in this kit

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