Superbug Gasser 1/25 Plastic Model Car Kit AMT1044

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Only the Kats at AMT could dream up such a wild, shortened V-Dub Superbug Gasser! This one’s been “out of print” since the early 1970s, but the Kats have pieced it back together. Now it’s better than ever! With expanded decal artwork, optional tinted windows and fresh gleaming chrome parts, modelers will “bug out” when they get their hands on this Retro Deluxe gem! It’s even got radically-retro Firestone Supreme “blue stripe/red stripe” pad-printed tires, not to mention beautiful Goodyear Blue Streak drag slicks! It even includes a special reproduction of the vintage original fold-together drag strip display base! It’s Wunderbar! 1/25 scale, Skill level 2, paint and cement required Molded in white Many chrome parts including optional “dog dish” wheels Shortened custom VW body with separate hood and trunk Pad-printed Goodyear Blue Streak drag slicks Firestone Supreme tires with red line/blue line pad printing Recreated and improved decal graphics Bonus fold-together full-color cardboard display base and backdrop Retro Deluxe vintage packaging Products needed to complete this model
  • Plastic model adhesive ( tube or liquid)
  • Plastic model paint
Suggested products to aid in construction
  • Modelling knife
  • sprue cutter
  • paint brushes
  • abrasive paper various grits

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