Dufaux Ci Biplane Fighter 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Omega Models 72157

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The brothers Armand and Henri Dufaux of Geneva were the most successful of the Swiss pioneers of aviation. The C1 was, at the least, an imaginative approach to the problem of using a forward-firing machine gun on an airplane. The 110 hp Le Rhône engine was mounted inside the fuselage near the center of gravity and rotated through a slot in the lower fuselage. The propellor was connected to the engine by a hollow shaft which was itself connected to two star-shaped frameworks on either end of the fuselage: this was the only thing holding the airframe together aside from two tie rods running from the undercarriage struts to the tail skid. The pilot and gunner sat side by side in the cockpit in the extreme nose of the craft. This plane actually was sent to Escadrille N95 for operational trials--wiser heads prevailed and only the one prototype was ever built.

This is a consignment kit. All consignment kits supplied from Hobbies and Beyond have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are 100% complete, everything in this original kit issues still in the box. We do not grade the boxes for the collector.We welcome any comments and questions you may have.

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