The Witching Hour

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Cobble Hill was founded in 2005 with a desire to bring loving, whimsical, high-quality images to puzzle enthusiasts around the world! Our puzzles have been described as nostalgic, lively, endearing, sweet, durable, and fine quality. In an ever growing technological market, it has become increasingly more important to find ways to bring families and friends together in a social atmosphere that lends to good conversations and quality time together.

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co was established in 2005 as a premium brand of jigsaw puzzles. While the company's support and sales staff are based out of Victoria, BC, the puzzles ship from the warehouse in Brampton, ON and are manufactured in the United States.

  • Puzzle pieces are manufactured using the highest quality 0.07" blue-board, offering an exact fit without fraying over time and use
  • Assembling puzzles improves fine motor skills and picture recognition abilities - promotes both cooperative and independent use
  • 1000 Piece Puzzle -  size 19 x 27 inch
  • Box size: 10 x 14 inch

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