Pro Plastic Scriber Ulfa P cutter PC-L 1090486

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High-impact ABS handle
Aluminum die cast blade slider
For right- or left-handed use
Ratchet-lock mechanism

The Plastic/Laminate Cutter features a ratchet-wheel for secure blade extension and retraction with unlimited blade positions. Sharp and durable, the Plastic/Laminate Cutter easily scores sheet plastics and laminates to enable the precise breaking of plastic materials. Pre-loaded with a reversible tungsten steel PB-800 Plastic/Laminate Blade as well as two additional replacement blades in the handle.

This tool removes a strip of material with each pass, so it is a great tool for the purpose of enhancing or adding panel/control features to plastic models. It does not raise the surrounding plastic so no further sanding to level the surface is required. It can also be used to replace existing raised panel lines with recessed simply by following the lines with the tool. An essential tool for anyone wanting to scratchbuild models.

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