Pz.kpw. Vl Tiger 1 Tank 1/72 Scale Starter Set Plastic Model Kit Airfix A55004

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The Pz.kpw Vl Tiger entered German service in 1943, in time for the Battle of Kursk. It was the first of the 'Heavy' tanks. The armour was impervious to any Allied anti tank weapon at the time of its introduction to service. The vehicle was equipped with the superlative 88mm main gun, so it was capable of knocking out any opponent it may encounter on the battlefield. Mechanical reliability was its weakness, and the German industry could not produce enough tanks to command all the theaters that they were involved in.

This is the Airfix Starter Set of the Tiger 1 tank. The kit includes everything that is needed to complete the model. It has plastic model cement and 3 containers of acrylic model paint, a full set of waterslide decals,  and a paint brush to apply the paint. Perfect model to start an interest in the hobby of scale model building.

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