North American P-51H Mustang 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Model News MN72005

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The P-51H  was the final production Mustang, embodying the experience gained in the development of the XP-51F and XP-51G aircraft. This aircraft, with minor differences as the NA-129, came too late to participate in World War II, but it brought the development of the Mustang to a peak as one of the fastest production piston-engine fighters to see service.
The P-51H used the new V-1650-9 engine, a version of the Merlin that included Simmons automatic supercharger boost control with water injection, allowing War Emergency Power as high as 2,218 hp (1,500 kW). Differences between the P-51D included lengthening the fuselage and increasing the height of the tailfin, which reduced the tendency to yaw. Service access to the guns and ammunition was also improved. The canopy resembled the P-51D "bubble" style, over a raised pilot's position, and the aircraft was given a new propeller with wider, uncuffed blades and rounded tips to allow the additional power to be better used. This propeller was similar to the one used on some later production P-51Ds and the majority of postwar F-51Ds.
With a new airframe several hundred pounds lighter, extra power, and a more streamlined radiator, the P-51H was faster than the P-51D, able to reach 472 mph at 21,200 ft
The P-51H was designed to complement the Republic P-47N Thunderbolt as the primary aircraft for the planned invasion of Japan, with 2,000 ordered to be manufactured at Inglewood. Production was just gathering steam with 555 delivered when the war ended.

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