Vigiart AS189A Air Ccompressor

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Type: Single cylinder Airbrush compressor with tank
Power: 1/6HP
With Large 3.0l tank provides steady air pressure
• Portable & lightweight
• Thermally protected
• Low noise, Auto stop
• Pressure-adjustable, Pressure regulator
• Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
• Power: 1/6 HP, Voltage: 50HZ 110-120V
• Speed: 1450/1700rpm
• Air output per min./litres: 20-23L/min
• Auto stop, start at 3BAR(43psi), stop at 4BAR(57psi)
• Auto stop, start at 5BAR(70psi), stop at 6BAR(86psi)
Fitting: Connector: 1/8″ BSP
Weight: 8.4KG
Dimension: 310X135X360mm

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