Multi Cutter Set Artesania Latina 27004

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This is one of the most essential tools for model making, which can also be used for all types of crafts: the miter cutter.
The guillotine for cutting wooden and plastic chopsticks allows cutting with precision and speed, in addition to making it easy to do with a wide variety of angles: it is also called multi angle cutter. Indeed, this miter cut table has an adjustable angle that goes from 45º to 90º, thus allowing miter joints, moldings to decorate the corners and, of course, to finish the ends of the slats with a certain angle, among other actions. .
But, it is not only a wood and plastic cutter, because the cutter tool is also a miter cutter to cut paper, rubber, cardboard, blade, sheet metal ... In short, it is a multi guillotine -exceptional cut.

Some assembly required.

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