Mr. Hobby Mr. Surfacer 500 Surface Primer 40 ml Bottle GSI Creos SF285

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Mr. Surfacer 500 – this coating is useful for filling in bumps, dents, scratches, for removing bubbles, texturing and finishing bases. It is suitable for large-scale repairs and can be used as soluble putty.Mr.

A versatile filling, smoothing, and texturing agent. May be thinned with lacquer thinners

MR> SURFACER 500 contains larger granules than Mr.SURFACER 500. They are both used in much the same way but ,due to the coarser granules  MR>SURFACER 500 will be a better filler of fine lines and scratches. After sanding with waterproof sand-paper , a perfectly corrected surface is possible.

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