BAE Systems Hawk T MK1 /748 Aircraft Model Kit

BAE Systems Hawk T MK1 /748 Aircraft Model Kit


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The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft. It was first flown at Dunsfold, Surrey, in 1974 as the Hawker Siddeley Hawk, and subsequently produced by its successor companies, British Aerospace and BAE Systems, respectively. It has been used in a training capacity and as a low-cost combat aircraft.
Operators of the Hawk include the Royal Air Force (notably the Red Arrows display team) and a considerable number of foreign military operators. The Hawk is still in production in the UK and under license in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) with over 900 Hawks sold to 18 operators around the world.

The Bae Hawk was produced under license by McDonnell Douglas for the U.S. Navy as a carrier capable training aircraft, the T-45 Goshawk. The BAE Hawk Has also been turned into a short range interceptor,and some users have adapted it for the ground attack role. Quit an accomplishment for a little plane.

Tke Iraleri kit includes a fret of photo -etched detail parts and the markings for two aircraft.