Canadair CL-415 Water Bomber 1/72 Aircraft Model Kit

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Canada is known for its lush forest canopy. Along with the beauty comes the risk of forest fires which can devastate thousands of square miles a season. Originally War surplus aircraft were converted to the task of water bombing the fires from the air. Early in 1960 Canadair began a study of what was needed to effectively fight the fires that ravagw the forest of the world. a=After much study and engineering the Canadair CL-215 was born. Powered by two radial engines, it quickly provrd to be the answer to the worlds forest fire problem. After 25 years of production the Canadair CL-215 was replaced by the Canadair CL-415 an upgraded version of the original Aircraft. The Canadair is the most famous firefighting plane of the aviation history. It is based on the flying boat amphibious water bomber concept and it is an extremely effective tool to protect the environment against the fire damages. The Canadair CL-415 is the improved version of the previous CL-215. The most important improvements able to enhance the effectiveness in firefighting duties are : the adoption of two Pratt & Whitney turboprop new engines able to provide 2,380 hp,, the aerodynamic additions to the wings and empennage and the up to date avionic system. Thanks to its sturdy and robust central hull, it is able to load the water storage compartments in only 400 meters long run on water. The continuous improvements has also provide a boost in range that permit to stay on the target for a longer period and to load and drop an higher quantity of water and retardant in order to be more and more effective on firefighting activities. The Italeri kit is a faithful rendition of the famous Canadian Aircraft.There are 5 marking options incleded in ths kit.

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