Panavia Tornado IDS-ECR 1/72 Aircraft Model Kit

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The multi-role combat aircraft Tornado was jointly developed and built by a multinational collaboration of Italian, German and British companies. After forty years from the set up of the development, the Tornado is, still today, an aircraft with a significant operational capability. The Tornado is a twin-engine, variable sweep wing able to perform well as a low-level supersonic strike aircraft and able to follow the ground profile. The most successful commercial version was the ground attack variant IDS (Interdictor and strike). Later on, from the IDS version, the ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance), built as platform the electronic warfare and air defence suppression, has been derived.

The Tornado was the first strike aircraftg used in Desert Storm and their mission was to deny the Iraquis the use of their airfields. This was fully successful to the extent that the Iraqui Air force played no role in the susequent battles to come

The kit of the Panavia Tornado will produce a high quality replica if the original and there is 5 different marking schemes. One from Each Nation operating the Tornado and Two Special commemorative schemes.

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