Reggiane RE 2002 Ariete 1/48 Aircraft Model Kit

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The Reggiane 2002 was developed for the Italian Air Force as a fighter-bomber, as a further development of the fighter RE 2000. This aircraft was equipped with a more powerful engine and increased armaments: two weapons on the wings were added to the two on the nose. Furthermore the “Ariete”, as the RE 2002 was called, had a good storage capacity, able to carry bombs as heavy as 500 kg. The squadrons equipped with this aircraft saw a great deal of action against the Allied fleet invading Sicily in 1943. After the Italian surrender in September of that same year, the surviving aircrafts were used by the Luftwaffe, which produced its own version with about 200 copies.

The Italeri kit of the Reggiane Ariete is produced in 1/48 scale and in this special edition comes complete with a reference book detailing the re2002 Ariete;s use in Regia AEronautica service. This boxing comes complete with markings for three aircraft.

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