Supermarine Spitfire MKVB 1/72 Aircraft Model Kit

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Following on from Th e earlier Supermarine Spitfire MKl and Mkll, the Spifire MKv was characterized by a number of wing armament variations.The Spitfire MkV was powered by a Merlin 45 engine capable of producing 1445HP and propelled the Spitfire to am maximum speed of375 mph (600 KMH) which put it well in front of ite opposing aircraft. The Mk. V version of the spitfire was introduced with the Royal Air force in 1941 in order to replace the preceding Mk. I, the backbone of the battle of Britain. This model was extensively used on all theatres until the end of the war despite the appearance of more modern aircraft. The Spifire's legendary  manoeuvrability and sturdiness made it possible to oppose successfully most enemy aircraft. This Spitfire version employed in North Africa was characterized by various anti-sand filters used for the main air intake in order to operate from improvised desert airfields.
  • Technical Details
  • Wingspan: 11.23 m
  • Length; 9.12 m
  • Max. Speed: 375 MPh (602 km/h)
  • Range: 372 m (600 km.)
  • Armament: 2 x 20 mm cannons, 4 x 7,7 mm machine guns, 1 x 113 kg 50mb.
  This Kit of the Spitfire MkVB has a detailed cockpit and desert filter option. along with a long range "slipper" tank. Two choices of propeller are provided, along with clipped wing tips. Two marking options sre also supplied. All in all a very well thought out kit.

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