Vought F4U/5N Corsair 1/72 Scale Plastic Aircraft Model Kit High Planes Model 72-002

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The Vought F4u Corsair series of aircraft commenced with the first U.S aircraft to exceed 400 MPH (640 kmh) in level flight. The Corsair fought throughout World War 2 , mainly with U.S. forces in the Pacific. The Vought Corsair F4U/5N was developed too late to see service in WWll but was used extensively as a night fighter interceptor post war.

The F4U Corsair is considered to be one of the most successful carrier-based fighter aircraft to be developed during the Second World War, although, when it first came into service, the technical experts of the U.S Navy considered this large cantilever wing aircraft to be unsuitable for use on aircraft carriers.

The Corsair obtained many outstanding aerial victories. In the Pacific Ocean theatre alone, the F4U shot down over 2,000 Japanese aircraft, with a loss of only 189 Corsairs, resulting in a kill / loss ratio which has never been equalled throughout history.

This aircraft was produced for ten years, until December 1952, a fact which established the Corsair as the American aircraft to remain in production for the longest period of time after the Second World War.

With the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula, The Vought F4U Corsair was called back into the fray mainly as a ground attack fighter, but the F4U-5N was rushed to the theatre to protect U.N. forces during the fight. It was very successful in its role until supplemented by the jet powered Douglas Skynight.

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