Flower Class Corvette 1/144 Plastic Model Kit

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The great unsung hero of the Battle of the Atlantic was the lowly Flower Class corvette navy. Small ships designed to escort the convoys across the Atlantic. In the face of the German U-boats Wolfpack, the small Flower Class  corvettes, as epitomized by HMCS Snowberry, fought back valiantly to Shepard their vital charge safely through treacherous waters. They never received the accolades that the destroyer escorts or other ships of the Naval arms that fought in WW2.

With a length of 205 feet and a beam of feet 33 meant of the Flower Class Corvettes were considerably smaller than the freighters they were protecting. The rough waters of the North Atlantic meant that the crews manning these boats would have not have a smooth sail from Halifax to Great Britain, and were often turned around rapidly due to the need for escort vessels.Roughly 270 vessels were completed duringWW2 and they served tirelessly in their assigned role, but were rapidly removed from service after the war ended. Today only one Flower Class Corvette is left as a museum ship. HNCS Sackville remains to remind us what was endured to ensure the freedom we enjoy today.

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:144
Length: 439 mm
Parts: 501

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