Russian WW2 Aircraft Colours Set

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Soviet Russia WW II Aircraft Colours

The Russian Air Force colours in use during WW II closely resembled shades used by other air arm services. Although most had colour standards, supply availability, production consistency, service conditions, field application, solvents such as gasoline etcetera,  mixing of available paint colours, environmental conditions, oxidation, fading from UV exposure and dust abrasion from makeshift airfields contributed to colour variations. Acrylic paint for easy water clean up. Suitable for airbrush use and specially formulated for plastic models. These colours are available separately.

Russian Sturmovik Camouflage Example

HOBBIES+BEYOND HobbyBoss IL 2M3 Ground Attack Aircraft 83204 Il-2M3 Ground-Attack Aircraft 83204 HobbyBoss Model:83204 The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik was a Soviet Union attack aircraft in the WWII. Designed as a armoured low-level close-support aircraft capable of defeating enemy armour and other ground targets. First flew on 12 October 1940 as prototype TsKB-57, The aircraft entered production in March 1941,and come into service in May. a total of 36,163 were built. The Sturmovik played a crucial role on the Eastern Front, famous nicknames as the "Black Death" . IL-2 Single-seat version,the early production, delivered to combat units in May-June 1941, Powered by AM-38 engine, equipped 20 mm ShVAK or 23 mm VYa cannon in main wing.

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