Bergepanther Ausf. D ARVE

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The Bergepanzer Sd.Kfz. 179, or Bergepanther was a heavy armored recovery vehicle based on the chassis of the Panzer V Panther, with the first production model being the Ausf. A.

The Bergepanther first began its development in 1942 because of the need for a heavy tank recovery vehicle that could manage heavy German armour such as the Panther medium tanks or Tiger I heavy tanks. These generally required up to three SdKfz 9 Famo half-tracks to recover them compared to the single half-track needed to tow a Panzer III or Panzer IV. This made the Panther the main contender for the new heavy armored recovery vehicle.

Siebert, which was a large steel fabrication plant with extensive experience in the construction of U-boot hulls, assembled 61 Bergepanther Ausf.D (Umbau) between July 1944 and March 1945. These were rebuilt Panther tanks, without the turret or the transmission hatch over driver and commander, and a sheet metal cover was used over turret ring.

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