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The currently available Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) has long been praised by modellers for its high quality and ease of use.The original grey colour sometimes made painting over it with a lighter colour difficult. Darker colours were fine, however for lighter colours it could be a challenge for inexperienced users thus White Putty was created. Tamiya now provides modellers with a white-coloured putty to solve this problem.Useful for filling holes and seam lines, this versatile putty can be used on plastic, wood, or metal, and can also be diluted with lacquer thinner for a wide range of applications.Tamiya’s basic type putty is not intended to fill large gaps. It is meant to fill in seams and imperfections in plastic model surfaces. The basic putty may also be used for resin model, metal model and vinyl model applications.Each aluminum tube contains 32 grams of putty, enough to last a long time with average use. Tamiya Lacquer Thinner is a versatile "Plastic Friendly" Paint and Putty Thinner. Increases surface adhesion of paints and workability of putties including SQUADRON PRODUCTS excellent versions of Green Putty and White Putty. A great putty applicator is the Tamiya Stainless Steel Stirrer flat end. Simply wipe clean with a paper towel between each application. If you forget, Tamiya Lacquer Thinner will make cleanup easy.Sands to a perfect finish.
PRO TIP Clean the threads of your tube with paper towel moistened with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner after every use for ease of cap removal. Roll your tubes up from the end moving product forward for easy of application. Securing the cap back on clean threads will ensure your product lasts for years. Moisten a cotton swab with lacquer thinner for smooth seams reducing sanding afterwards. There is science behind it.  [wp-svg-icons icon="lab" wrap="span"]

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